Android Pie the latest update and the Ninth version of the Android OS. Android P was officially released on August 6, 2018. The update is available for Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

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Top 6 Android Pie Features

Android Pie Operating system has the biggest changes in the way Android looks and feels. Here’s what to expect from the new Android 9.0 OS.

1. Adaptive Battery

Android pie has a new feature called an Adaptive battery. Android Pie uses Machine learning which learning to predict which apps you like to use in the next few hours and won’t use until later. And this is enabled by default, but you can toggle it at Settings > Battery > Adaptive Battery. It will help improve the performance of battery life.

2. App Actions

App actions are the great feature in Android Pie that helps you to navigate through the day by giving the suggestions depends on your habits. It could automatically predict the action you are likely to take next. For example, if you like to connect your headphones to your smartphones, the features will display the playlists you were listening to earlier in the front and also allows you to skip several steps in the process.


3. Android Dashboard

Google introduced the bunch of features to help track your phone usage, that lets you take a look fastly at how much time you are spending in each app per day, a number of times you unlocked your device and also shows the total number of notification you have received.

Android dashbord

4. Gestures

Google has rebuilt the navigate the OS in Android P which is similar to iPhone X. Here is an option to use a single home button which allows swiping to view the recent apps with a UI that suggests the app you use. You can switch the apps easily using gestures instead of three buttons set on the home screen.

5. Slices

Slices are the best feature which comes in helpful in several places. It allows you to perform the application activities outside the app. For example, if you type infinity in Google Search, you can see an infinity war movie preview of the price and show timing to your location under the normal google search suggestions

App Actions in Android P

6. MAC Address Randomization

Android Pie has a feature to protect your device while that communicates online. For example, this is “Wi-Fi MAC Randomization” that randomizes your MAC address every time you connect to a new Wi-Fi network. MAC addresses are unique identifiers that used in networks to facilitate communication between devices. By randomizing it, your phone receives protection against targeted attacks and tracking.

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