Android provides lot of opportunities for developers, it is open source used by millions of users around the world with an enormously giving platform to helpful for reach a huge audience.

In this post, we are going to see some of the best top 10 android tools to upgrade your development productivity and build better application. It would be helpful for you save your precious time in your day-to-day development life.

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1. Android Studio

Android studio is an official IDE for Android App Development, this IDE permits developers to reach entirely they need without the requirement to leave the IDE itself. Approaching to error checking, file hierarchy and simply the coding environment work as a Java IDE. It includes an Xml editor and  design  for oraganize the elements of the screen. It also comes bundled with android SDK itself and as a single download. You should also check our Android App Development topics for Beginners.

2. AVD Manager

AVD Manager is built-in of Android Studio. AVD acronyms of Android Virtual Device, this is an Android Emulator for running application on your PC and it permits you to create plenty of different emulators with different specifications, screen sizes and versions of Android. The performance is better, Typically with the fast virt mode, where of runs an intel version of  android on your PC and removes the require for instruction level emulation.

3. GameMaker: Studio

GameMaker: Studio is the among the easiest and most Advanced Android development tools providing full customization on each element . This tool works to better in 2D gaming excelling in every category while having an bulit-in and simple user interface enabling you with drag and drop abilities and actions. In case you would like customization, then you can code using GameMaker Language (GML) that permits you to learn easily as it does not have methods while the syntax is way simpler and easier as compared to java. Download the free version and know everything about how to use this tool in order to build an Android application.

4. Unity 3D

Unity 3D is a game engine and IDE for cross-platform game development. It is easy to learn and comes with huge variety of features for game development. If possible to create a game with android studio, Unity work as more readily and will save you large amount of time.

5. Android Device Monitor

Android Device Monitor is another built-in Development tool, During the run time, it allows to monitor your devices and come to have access the information such as networt stats, the logcat and find the thread. It’s really great tool for testing the performance.

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6. Android Debug Bridge

ADB is a Command line tool helpful for the run the commands on a connected android device. It is a client-server program that includes three components such as A client which runs on your machine, A Server which runs as a background process on your machine and A daemon which manages the client and the daemon communication.

7. Android Asset Studio

An Great collections of  simple and easy to use tools to cause various types of icons they are launcher, notification, app shortcut icons they will really require for the time of designing and developing Android Apps and it simplifies the development.

8. DB Browser for SQLite

In Android SDK, SQLite is an embedded relational database that is present in standard. So, this is the great solution to store data in your applications. If you choose to join an SQLite existing database in your application before to load it on the device where your application is installed, you will require a good tool to manage the database.

9. Android- Arsenal

Android-Arsenal is a large library included information that all Android app developers should need. The libraries are well classified so developers can select what they need with ease. It also updates constantly so developers can easy to find any third party library if needed.

10. Fluid UI

Fluid UI is a web-based Android app development prototyping software. This Android app development tool comes with over 2,000 UI widgets for both phones & tablets and permits the developer to share their prototype with teammates and clients for review. All you want to do is build a prototype on your desktop and scan it so that you can come to have the UI before coding. This tool also lets you come to have the good feel for your app.

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This is just the correct place to start with whether you desire a simple approach. Use various Android tools and find out which works best for you.

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