Hello Guys, Welcomes you all to this week’s Free Android Tutorial.

Believe Me: Every week number of new apps are being added in Google Play store,  It is literally difficult for you to find the app which will be helpful for you.

Hence to solve this, Here we listed the BEST 5 Android App of this week.

Now Playing History

Now Playing History is an app is an exclusive feature on Pixel 2XL and Pixel 2 phones are awesome. If you don’t catch a song name before it disappears from the lock screen – It is gone forever, now its fixable by Now playing history. This app shows a history of all songs and it sorts out the songs by date. Select a default music player to launch when you tap on the song title in your music streaming services of choices and you can select from Google play music, Youtube, and Spotify. You can search your history of recognized songs and delete the songs from your history by long-pressing on them. It goes for $0.99 with no free version.

Best Android Apps - Now Playing History

Price: $0.99

Download Link

Microsoft Launchers

Microsoft Launchers app is not technically new. The app is formerly known as Arrow Launcher. Microsoft Launcher comes with new stuff. There is a news feed now included. You can personalize your device to match your style with theme colors, wallpapers and more. Able to access your documents, calendar, and recent activities in your feed. It also syncs with your PC. Today, you can sign up for beta from google play store and get the app for preview and enjoy the experience now. Just download the app.

Best Android Apps - Microsoft Launcher

Price: Free

Download Link

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Death Road to Canada

Death road to Canada is the latest game app, Randomly give rises for a new story and rare events every time you play. You control a car and group of jerks as they find weird people, explore cities, rescue dogs and face zombies. Find the special event, encounters and recruits. Most of all, get eaten by enormous hordes of slow, zombies of classic styles. Just got a massive update to more a great game.

Best Android Apps - Death-road-to-canada

Price: $8.99

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Another Widget 

Another Widget is a widget app. It works mostly with your calendar. You can see dates and your upcoming appointments. The app also adds weather information when you want it. Otherwise, it’s just a really basic widget maker. It also doesn’t cost anything and has no ads. It’s a great to work for customize the information displayed and widget components. There really isn’t much more to this one. It’s pretty good.

Best Android Apps - Another Widget

Price: Free

Download Link

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LaunchBoard is your drawer replacement app. It doesn’t like normal app drawers. You can type in a few letters and the apps pop up, This isn’t much different from the app search in Google’s Android. It’s also faster in some cases. The app is free with no. It’s also great for older devices. You can add the LaunchBoard home screen widget on your home screen. With just a single touch you able to get to any app. From LaunchBoard, long press which apps you used frequently and mark them as Favorites. They become more easily accessible.

Best Android Apps - LaunchBorad

Price: Free

Download Link 

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