Nowadays everyone is using the smartphone. And no one can contradict the fact Android is booming day by day. Android is the present-day and future of the mobile industry. Android Cupcake and Android Froyo both were famous before iOS step into the market. MoreOver, the credit goes to Google because of that users are the comfort and they like still Android better than other platforms. Every day new updates are added in the app store at any time.

Top 12 Android facts for developing android app

I am going to tell you a handful of rules that can be helpful for Android app development,

  • The first rule is to create the same design for every range of devices.
  • Try out with Integer as it is better than float. Both are same but when we come to space, floating take double space.
  • Develop some interesting features and Users most preferable for beneficial apps.
  • Better to use a touch gesture and navigation drawer.
  • A preferable layout is simple, it is a paramount feature and better to work on the grid layout.
  • Select a Passionate team. Although you build an app you not only want to motivate the user but also people who see it. If you have chosen the passionate developer, you will reach your goal easily.
  • Team discussion about your plans which is the best way to lower the risk of misunderstanding.
  • According to time, technology changes and ensure your team is ready to face the changes easily.
  • Avoid the unnecessary things in your application and optimize the performance of your app.
  • In C C++ using getter and setter method is better than avoid to use virtual methods. And Come to Android, if you are using virtual methods then use it public.
  • Create an index of the database, it will assist you in optimizing the query and use precompiled SQL Statements.
  • Use native methods if required.

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