Android App Development is always an evergreen technology which always many interesting news and updates.

Likewise, Today we are going to discuss the #4 Indians who become Billionaires just by creating an Android App..!!

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Story Begins – India is the land of about 1.3 Million People has a demographic divide with multiple people of multiple income levels, literacy levels, and languages. What Technology able to create a common layer and can actually improve the quality of people. Nowadays smartphone is the greatest tool, a lot of things we can do with it and solve the real world problems in it.

A Mobile Phone along with internet connectivity, it makes everybody stand at the same level.


HealthifyMe is the most popular fitness app in India, the app offers to track the calorie with diet plan suggestion and also providing dedicated nutrition and trainer service as it’s the premium services. This app achieved a to earn more paying customers, 5x increases in the monthly volume of installation over 12 months and  40% increases in conversion rate for installation.


Key factors behind his success

Tushar Vashisht  Co-founder of HealthifyMe, He came with 13 years of experience out of which 6 were with Google where he worked across products like Google SMS Channel, Google Finance, Orkut Developer Platform and Google Developer Platform. He was the tech lead for many of these platforms.

Tushar Vashisht says one of his interviews, Mostly people suffer from lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and obesity, growing at 20% annually. we also have almost 300 million people having access to mobile data and smartphones. So this passion to Healthify India using the power of smartphones which led to the birth of HealthifyMe.

Healthify app


Urbanclap is the largest services marketplace in India, if you want to decorate your home this app is helpful and all-in-one platform helps users hire any professional like sofa cleaners, carpenters, architect, the professional photographer, and yoga teacher its sure destination for your service needs.

At Present around 20,000 service providers over 75 categories and processes, 5,000 customer requests a day through its mobile apps.

Key factors behind his success

Abhiraj Bhal Co-founder of Urbanclap, he says about the motivation for starting this business and the main intention was to make something useful and solve the problem ourselves which lead to the concept of  Urbanclap.

urban clap app


RailYatri is a crowd-sourced platform which is about train related travel information. It is a travel marketplace which offers the information on trains, passenger amenities at stations and also enables booking of essential services like high-quality on-board budget rooms, meals, bus tickets etc. RailYatri Monthly Active Users1 crore.

Key factors behind his success

Manish Rathi Co-Founder of Railyatri told, Have been looking at ways to circulate the information to Indian Railways Passengers in a meaningful way to help them plan their travel better. so that passengers can get fast and reliable information.

Rail yatri app

Daily Hunt

Daily Hunt is the largest news aggregation platform in 17 languages, they serve around  100,000 news covering politics, business, sports, entertainment and more. Daily Hunt has seen 20-30% higher CPMs more than other networks.

Around 40 million people, or nearly 10% of India’s internet users, use Daily Hunt in a month. An average user spends about 20 minutes on it. The plan is to grow to about 250-300 million monthly active users and 100 million daily active users in 2-3 years.

Key factors behind his success

Daily Hunt, founded by Virendra Gupta hopes to benefit from.It brings together the largest collection of Indian regional language content on all mobile platforms which lead to Daily hunt.

daily-hunt app

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