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Credo Systemz provides Android Training in Chennai in the BEST way for both beginners and experienced professionals. More than 350+ candidates had completed their Android Certification in our training institute located in Chennai Velachery. Credo Systemz offers both Class Room Android App Training in Chennai as well as Online Android App Training.

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Prerequisites of Android Training

The candidates doesn’t need any prior knowledge in Android Application. But it is required to have basic knowledge in Core Java, Also learning Java first will be more convenient for beginners.

Credo Systemz is the well known Android training institute in Chennai, provides training on the most updated course structure as mentioned below. The below android course syllabus are based on interview topics and all topics are covered by professional way.


Section1: Introduction
  •  Android – What it is?
  •   History of Android
  •   Importance of Java language for Android Apps
  •   Other mobile OS-es
  •   Android Versions & different development tools
Section2: Java Fundamentals
  •   OOPS basics
  •   Classes & Objects
  •   Components of a Class
  •   Structure of a Class & Java File
  •   Inheritance
  •   Interfaces
  •   Polymorphism
  •   Overloading
  •   Overriding
Section3:Significance of Android Project Structure
  •   Source Folder
  •   Generated Folder
  •   Assets folder
  •   Resources folder
  •   Android Manifest XML
Section4: Android Activity
  •   Activities & Fragments
  •   Activity Life Cycle
  •   Activity – How to create your activity
Section5: Android Layouts
  •   Layout XML files
  •   Absolute Layout
  •   Relative Layout
  •   Linear Layout
  •   Frame Layout
  •   Tab Layout
  •   Table Layout
  •   List Layout (List View)
Section6: Android Views & Widgets
  •   Button View
  •   EditText View
  •   TextView View
  •   Image View
  •   Spinner
Section7: Intent & Intent Filters
  •   Intents – How and When to use them
  •   Intent Objects – Action, Data & Category
  •   Intent Filters – Matching Rules / Tests
  •   Explicit Intent & Implicit Intent
Section8: Broadcast Receivers
  •   Broadcast Receivers
  •   Listening for specified broadcasts
  •   System broadcasts
  •   Custom & User defined broadcasts
  •   Sticky Broadcasts
  •   Pending Intents
Section9: Menus & Messages
  •   Adding option menus
  •   Adding popup menus
  •   Showing dialogs
  •   Raising toasts
Section10: SQLite – Database Access
  •   Introducing SQLite
  •   SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database
  •   Opening and closing a database
  •   Working with cursors
  •   Inserts, updates, and deletes
Section11: External Database Access using RESTful Web service
  •   Introduction to AsyncTask Class
  •   Progress Dialog
  •   RESTful Web service using PHP scripts
  •   JSON and JSON Parsers
  •   InputStream Reader, BufferedStreamReader and String Buffer uses
  •  Adapters
Section12: Browser based Apps – Web Views
  •   Simulating Web Browsers inside Apps
  •   Enabling Javascript and browser history in Web Views
  •   Limitations of Web Views
  •   Platform independency
Section13: Publish an Android Application to Google Play
  •   Account Registration
  •   Payment
  •   Good coding and design practices
  •   Maintenance and experimentation with Categories

These Android App Development course Syllabus has been designed as such to provide the students with professional job oriented training, so that they can emerge as better Android developers.

Best Android Online Training:

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How to upload android app in Google play store?

  1. Go to your Google Play Developer Console.
  2. Select All applications > Add new application.
  3. Using the drop down menu, choose a default language and add a title for your app. Type the name of your app as you wish it to show in Google Play.
  4. Now, Select Upload APK.
  5. Select from the Production, Beta, or Alpha channels and choose Upload your APK.
  6. Set up your Store listing.
  7. Publish your app using timed or standard publishing.

Will I get Android development certification from Credo Systemz?

On successful completion of the course, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate from Credo Systemz.

Benefits of Android Training in Credo Systemz

  • Job oriented training course
  • Highly qualified and experienced instructors
  • Motivation and encouragement
  • Step by step Training through easy methods
  • Build Apps through Daily Assignments
  • Job placement opportunities as Android developer for our trainees.

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