Best Coding Practices for Android Development

Developing Android applications isn’t easy. There are a variety of tools that help greatly like Eclipse and Android Studio, but the majority of your code still needs to be written manually. Building an application is one thing, but optimizing it is a totally different story. Lets see, some best practices that should be followed to […]

Android Fragment Life Cycle


Android Fragment is the part of activity, it is also known as sub-activity. There can be more than one fragment in an activity. Fragments represent multiple screen inside one activity. As we already discussed in our previous article about Activity Life Cycle.

Fragment lifecycle is an important aspect to take into account before using fragments. Every […]

15 Amazing Facts about Android

Today we’re here to look at 15 amazing facts about Android which most of the android users did not know.

Let’s begin!

Google did not create Android, they bought the company in 2005
Originally the Android OS wasn’t designed for the smartphone market; it was actually developed as a digital camera platform.
In November 2007, Google […]

Android User Interface Controls(UI) With Example


Input Controls defines View components in the user interface that the user can interact with. You can add as many as you want in your application, by declaring the appropriate XML elements in a XML layout file, which is placed in the res/layout directory of your project.

I have set the scope of this article to cover […]

Skills and Responsibilities you need to be an Android Devleoper

It is a wonderful time to be an Android developer. The technology is evolving and exciting, new devices are popping up all over the place and there is a very high demand for developers. With hundreds of millions of users around the world, the possibilities for gainful employment seem endless.

Who is Android Developer?
Android developer is […]

Android GridView Layout

Android GridView layout in one of the most useful layouts in android. GridView is mainly useful when we want show data in grid layout like displaying images or icons. The grid items are automatically added to the layout using a ListAdapter.

GridView Attributes

android:id – This is the ID which uniquely identifies the layout.

android:columnWidth – This specifies […]

Android Match quiz

Match Questions to Right answers:-

Learning is always FUN!!
Are you an expert in Android ? Time to put that newfound knowledge to the test with 10 questions on Android.

Verify your answer here.


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Android O – Cool and New Features in the latest Google’s Update

Android update will always hikes up the expectation of every single Android user, This time it lookstremendous because of the huge expectation on the upcoming latest update from Android family.
The latest update is named as Android O

This new mobile operating system is set to be released in the month of May 2017, as the 11th […]

Professional Android Apps for Data Backup

It is now a days a most needed thing for a  person to back up all the important stuffs from electronics devices Espescially in mobiles because of handling everything in mobile from bank details to personal mails. You never know when things will go wrong and don’t want to lose any of your stuff when […]

Android Developer Jobs in 2020

Android App Development is one of the hottest career options available today.Country’s booming mobile phone industry in India will require about 20 million application developers by 2020,according to Internet & Mobile Association of India(IAMAI)President Subho Ray.

“Presently there are between 50-70 thousand professional mobile app developers in India.This number is absolutely insufficient.By 2020 we will have over […]